Welcome to St. Andrew United Methodist Church

Welcome! We are glad that God led you to our site. Please come and worship with us on County Farm Road, just north of West Lafayette, Indiana. If you'd like to see how we worship, you're welcome to check out our traditional and contemporary worship services on video.

Lenten Series

Join us during Lent for an insightful study of Jesus. In the Gospel of John, Jesus gives us the "I Am" sayings, meaningful metaphors such as "I Am the bread of life" and "I Am the light of the world," to reveal his mission and purpose. One by one, the "I Am" sayings of Jesus not only grab our imagination about Jesus' identity, they also help us to experience God, who spoke the first "I Am" to Moses.

Join us for this worship and study series as we learn more about the God we can know and as we seek to answer Jesus' question to us, "Who do you say I am?" On Sunday, March 8, we examine Jesus' statement, "I Am the Light of the world."

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