Mission & Values

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Our Mission

At Saint Andrew we believe that:
God has called us together to become like Jesus,
in authentic community,
for the sake of the world.

Our Core Values

We believe the very core of our values should not just be assumed.  We are Christ-centered & Biblically based, and this priority is expressed most clearly through our pursuit of passionate, participatory worship.

We believe it is the church's role to Provide for and Encourage Intentional Spiritual Growth on the part of all our members.  Each individual is responsible for taking the next step in becoming like Jesus Christ, but our congregation wants to be a helpful partner in that disciple-making process.

We put a high premium on Authentic Community.  When we are at our best we create an environment of belonging—building one another up to form A Community of Faith Where intentional Relationships Are Valued.

We feel a Compelling Call to Share the Faith that has come to us with those who follow after us.  We are committed and motivated to do whatever it takes to Equip the Next Generation for New Life in Christ.

We aspire to practice Radical Hospitality: Always Making Room inside our church For Those Outside our church.  We see ourselves as a Christ-Centered Circle of Friends, but importantly we see ourselves as an ever-expanding circle with Christ at the Center and with each of us facing outward in an inviting and welcoming way.  

We believe that our deepest needs can only be met when we take off our bibs and put on our aprons—when we serve others sacrificially, we find ourselves being strengthened and blessed.  We see Compassionate Outreach & Service as the logical and natural expression of a heart warmed by God's assurance of forgiveness, grace, and love.

What we have learned at St. Andrew over time is that the most important and lasting blessings we are given come to us on the way to someone or somewhere else.

Extravagant Generosity toward the people around us and to God is another of those logical and natural expressions of a grateful and blessed life.  The wildly extravagant love of God that we see in Jesus is the inspiration and model for how we understand the gifts that have been entrusted to us.