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The Commitment And Promise of Membership

Our Expectations For Those Who Want To Make St. Andrew Their Community of Faith

When you join a congregation as a full and active member, the church will want to make sure that those coming in can affirm the same kind of living faith as those who already make up the body of Christ.  We at St. Andrew would affirm the following for ourselves as well as for those adults wanting to join our church.

The Christian life begins with repentance. 

It means turning away from the spiritual forces of wickedness, rejecting the evil at work in this world, and repenting of our sin.

To follow Jesus means confessing Jesus Christ not just as our Savior but as the Lord of our lives as well. 

It means committing ourselves to living by his love and heading toward his Kingdom.

We receive and cherish the Christian faith as communicated through the scriptures of the Old & New Testaments.  We see the Hebrew and Christian scriptures as having unique authority in our lives, particularly in matters of faith and daily living.

Being a disciple or apprentice of Jesus means living a Christ directed life, according to the grace God given us, as active and faithful members of Christ's holy Church. 

We believe that a distinguishing mark of Christ's church is openness to people of all ages, nations, and races as well as leadership that is shared between women and men, based upon giftedness and not gender roles.

The act of baptism—the experience of being reborn and washed clean, of being claimed by the Spirit and by God's people, as well as the public declaration of our desire to follow Jesus—is a non-negotiable first step of church membership.

We believe faith is lived out within authentic, intentional, committed, and grace-filled community. 

We put a high premium on our shared loyalty to our congregation at St. Andrew United Methodist Church--and stand ready, willing and able to uphold this, our church, by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness.

If you feel called to become a member @ St Andrew, please call or come in so we can come to know you better.