My Precious Savior

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In the Christian tradition, we celebrate the resurrection not just on Easter but also on every Sunday of the year - or as some have said, 51 little Easters.  May this Easter reflection be a blessing to you anew this day.

Last Easter we attended the most inspiring passion play in Jacksonville, FL.  Very early the next morning I woke completely saturated in God's great love.  I felt the need to put my prayer, my thoughts to paper.  This is the result , my offering , my prayer for that day:

It is Easter morning, the third day historically after you hung on the cross.  Our hearts are saddened once again for the agony you suffered.  I contemplate but fall short on what you have done for me, for us, for all mankind.  My heart swells with enormous love and gratitude and yet my very humanness prevents me from understanding fully.

Arise my love!  Come fill my heart with joy, for you have conquered the grave.  You my precious Savior have taken away my terrible sins.  You have wiped my filthy rag tag life away and replaced it with love and peace.

How I rejoice in this amazing news.  I am free!  I am yours!  Forever and forever!  Thank you Jesus! Thank you! Thank you!  My head is full of praise, my heart sings and rejoices.  I sing my Redeemer lives!  Hallelujah!

May all the people open their eyes and see.  My very soul is touched by you.  I am changed.  My soul shouts for joy and bursts open to receive you my King!  I love you forever!


~Bonnie Wagner