The Storm

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Dark ominous clouds were closing in on us us as we walked out of the Hospice Center on what had been a sunny and hot day.  “Looks like a storm is headed our way”, I commented as the wind pulled at our clothes and cooled our skin.  This abrupt change of weather seemed to match our mood as we walked to the car.  We had just left Dave's brother, Richard, and we were well aware that our time with him was very limited.  Only hours before he had been moved by ambulance from the hospital to what would be his final stop on this earth.  We had just said good bye, not knowing if we would have the gift of another tomorrow with him. 

Making our way across town, the storm arrived bringing near darkness, wind and slashing rain.  We decided to take shelter in a nearby restaurant.  It seemed we just didn’t have it in us to fight this storm as well as the one within us.

Sheltered from the downpour, we chose a window seat and watched as the rain turned the streets into little rivers. Transfixed, we stared out, each lost in our own thoughts.  The wind had sent the rain against the windows and as the drops slide down the plate glass, it was easy to believe they represented the tears we wished to shed.

When the rain diminished Dave and I made our way back to the car. The sky was now gray and empty like a blank canvas.  Leaving the city streets behind we drove into the country and our visual horizon widened.  It was then that God showed us a glimpse of His glory.  The once colorless sky was transforming into a kaleidoscope of color.  High cumulus clouds towered above us in every direction.  They were outlined and filled in bright orange and brilliant shades of red and yes, silver and gold as well.  

The sun shot off shimmering gossamer rays from behind the remaining clouds and splayed across the fields below, turning everything golden and  bronze.  The dark gray clouds vying for space became reflection pools of color, displaying colors hard to describe.  We were mesmerized as we drove on, unable to take our eyes off this amazing display.  As the sun slipped lower in the sky, the clouds began to dissipate and azure blue patches intermixed with red, orange and gold. The storm was passing!  As I watched in awe, it hit me with the force of a blow; God was sending a love letter to us, a reminder of His love and promises.        

In my heart I heard God say, "Yes my dear ones, there will be storms and clouds in your life.  Times when you sink low in sorrow.  Remember, I am with you always.  Cling only to me, and I will hold you until your strength returns. The sun will return.”

I spoke these thoughts to my husband as we made our way home.  Yes, this is hard but God is with us, this pain will subside. Suddenly there was a crack in the clouds of our hearts and the Son was shining through. As dusk came, we rode on in peaceful silence contemplating what God had shown us on this dark and stormy day.  Praise to my LORD forever and forever! 

Bonnie Wagner

The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.  The Lord protects the simple hearted; when I was in great need He saved me.  Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.

Psalm  116:5-7