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Mission Opportunities

May 10, 2021

Mission/Service Opportunities St Andrew continues to spread God’s love by supporting outreach ministries throughout this community. Here are just a few reminders of the opportunities that we have to serve.Many of you have already provided...

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In-Person Worship Will Resume on May 9

April 26, 2021

The Operational Management Team (OMT) met last evening to discuss the reopening of our church to in-person worship. St. Andrew will officially open on May 9 to a limit of 90 people per service so that we can insure social distancing and...

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April 26, 2021

MISSION HUKU Don't speak Shona? No problem! Huku means "chicken."  Recently, generous Northwest churches sent three months of food hampers to our clergy brothers and sisters in the Makoni-Buhera district of East Zimbabwe, the home of our...

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Red Bird Mission Opportunities

April 19, 2021

Red Bird Mission, located in remote southeast Kentucky, is the largest comprehensive outreach mission in the world sponsored by the United Methodist Church. Celebrating 100 years of service this year, Red Bird helps area people in many ways. Its...

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Return to In-Person Worship Survey

April 16, 2021

We want your input! As we continue this journey through Covid, decisions abound related to the when and how of reopening the church.So, how ready are you to return and under what conditions?Please take this confidential survey so your personal...

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