Coming Up Short

Written by St Andrew on . Posted in Come and See

The Holiday season has begun.  Thanksgiving has brought family and football and food.  Yet, before the turkey food coma could have its full effect, the busyness of the season begins.  We all become spent in different directions.  Travel plans for December, Black Friday shopping, Just one more Christmas party to fit in, A budget to re-do, Family shuffling around couches, End of semester work- we all end up with something grabbing at our time. 

Around the church we are not immune.  We strive for contemplation, yet individually we still have our plates full while corporately we are in the midst of Advent.  There are lovely times ahead and among us, but this days post is one which got lost in the shuffle.  It goes to show we are still short by a few people to do the work God has for St Andrew.  Have you been coming and seeing here?  Will you be checking out the ministry this Advent season?  If so, know you are an individual loved by God needed in the St Andrew community.  Maybe even to write a post on here...