Written by St Andrew on . Posted in Come and See

I was talking with my husband this morning about how I’m not going to meet one of my goals I set for this year. It was quite the negative conversation as I talked about being disappointed in myself and how maybe if I work really hard here at the end of the year I can meet it. But, like with a lot of things, rushing and putting in all the energy for a project/goal right at the end is not the solution. It causes extra stress and unintended frustrations and just general messiness. Things are half-done and not quite as great as we expected. But what’s more, we forget that if we don’t meet a goal, the world is not going to end. Sure, we may have to have awkward conversations or just try a little harder next year or next time, but things will be okay and God is still in control.

This time of year is not a time to focus on all the things that went wrong in 2016.  It can be more of a time to celebrate all the things that went right. Jesus’s birthday is in five days and I’m sure he doesn’t want me to lament on all the things I could have done better for us on his big day. That would be a yucky birthday party for anyone.  Can you imagine? You invite all your friends and family to celebrate you at the end of another year and their gift to you is telling you all the things they wish you would have done different in the past year instead of celebrating you. I know I don’t want that to be my birthday and that’s not how I should treat Jesus on his birthday either.

I’m still going to try hard to reach my 2016 goal, but if I don’t make it, I’m not bringing my frustration to Jesus on his birthday. I’ll lean into his grace, hit reset, and try for it again next year.

~ Raysha Honsowetz