There's a Storm Blowing Through...

Written by St Andrew on . Posted in Come and See

I have heard it said, 'If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait 10 minutes.'  These past few days have been exhibit A.  This state seems to have the jet stream pivot upon it every time I refresh the weather app.  Temperatures are yo-yoing between the 60's and 90's.  Sunny and calm days yield to blowing rain & pelting hail and return back to the original state before we have a chance to get our umbrellas out of the closet (though the wind never really seems to die down here).  The uncertainness of the weather wreaks havoc on events and sports schedules and backyard barbecues.  It can be easy to despair and lament the chaos of it all.

Yet the light shines brightest amidst the darkness.  Conversation with others over the gathering clouds and lightning strikes turned to wonder at the beauty of God's creation at a recent ball game.  Huddling under the concession stand roof amidst a softball lightning delay(and later cancelation), conversation and laughter broke out amongst those who were shortly before sitting isolated in the stands.  An outdoor event here at church was turned indoors and intentional community sprung up in a way which would not have occurred had more been present and all things gone as planned.  

There is beauty on the forefront and in the midst of such storms. There is also beauty in the wake.  We see it in clean up crews selflessly offering their time.  We know it in the storms of our own lives in which friends and church community pick us up off the rock bottom and nurse us back to the light.  Opportunities arise for new beginnings so desperately needed.

Reading the wisdom literature in the Bible these past few weeks while reading the Bible through in one year, the conventional wisdom of Proverbs is challenged and critiqued by Ecclesiastes and then tested, lamented, and wondered in Job.  The storms of life hit all regardless of place in life.  God even shows up in a whirlwind to end the misdirected conversation.  Sometimes storms are reminders we are not in control, but there is a good God who is.  

I still am frustrated when the best of plans are laid low by the changing winds.  I just hope I can remember that the light will break through again, the interruption may be the main focus, and God might be in this storm.

~Joseph Seger