Estate Planning is a Gift to Your Loved Ones!…

Written by Chris Danielson on . Posted in General Announcements

As a pastor I have walked with families and spouses through many painful decisions prompted by the sudden illness or death of their loved one. 
Grieving or already distressed loved ones are left with trying to figure out what their parent or spouse would want. Or, they realize that it is too late to make certain decisions that they know would honor the wishes of their loved one.
The road through many other tough times could have been made much easier by planning well-ahead for realities that face each person: retirement, health concerns due to aging, and our eventual passing.
For me, offering estate planning is a pastoral care issue.
Estate planning is taking the time to make my wishes known while the most options are still open. Estate planning means not forcing my loved ones to make decisions on my behalf that I should have taken time to make when I had the opportunity.
It is a gift you can give to your loved ones. It is a vital part of your legacy.
We are offering a brief introduction to the variety of issues around estate planning THIS SUNDAY at 12:30. Lunch will be provided. There will be Q and A time. No product is being sold or promoted. Childcare will be provided upon request. But we need you to make a reservation by calling the church office BEFORE FRIDAY. (497-7755)
I hope to see you there.
Pastor Chris