Church-Wide Study of "A Disciple's Path"

Written by Raysha Honsowetz on . Posted in Announcements

Join our all-church study, A Disciple’s Path.

We’re trying something all new this fall – we want to partner together as an entire church to make time to follow God with this church-wide study. In addition to a sermon series on Sundays, we will be breaking into study groups of 12 to walk through A Disciple’s Path together.

For 7 weeks, from the Week of September 11th to the Week of October 23rd

We’ll study here and in our homes, but most importantly, we’ll study TOGETHER.

We’ll have a number of study groups offered each week - click here to register for a group! We’re excited for this journey together, and we hope you are too.

“Discipleship in the Wesleyan tradition is an invitation to a new way of living in which we learn to love God with our whole hearts, minds, and strength and to love others the way we have been loved by God. That invitation is as clear and simple today as it was when Jesus called his first disciples by saying, “Follow me!” His invitation appears twenty-one times in all four Gospels. Every time Jesus says it, he calls for decisive action. His invitation always calls for active response.

And now, the invitation comes to you! It’s the invitation to join Wesley and his followers in developing the patterns of spiritual discipline by which our hearts and lives are transformed by the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. It is the path that leads to life.” A Disciple’s Path