Reading the Bible for Yourself, Together...

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The people who call themselves Christians have always been a people of the Bible.  Yet, for many reasons, many never read the entirety of the Holy Scriptures.  Starting January 1, 2017, St Andrew will be taking this challenge head on in offering resources, classes, and prayers for any and all who desire to journey through the pages of God's Word.  We may sit individually with the text thoughout the week, but the reading of scripture is always a communal affair.  It is time for all of us to receive the full blessings of the Bible and the wisdom and practices which follow. 




Excited for the invitation/challenge?  You can start with prayer for all joining you on the journey.  Begin your habit today by creating chair time - 15 minutes in a specific, relaxing place with just you and the Bible.  Download the Read Scripture App to your phone or device and set up your schedule to start January 1. 

Don't like reading the Bible on a device?  Download the reading plan (or use this single page version) or pick one up in the office.

Don't know where to start?  Sign up and start with Day 1.

Felt overwhelmed in past attempts?  Sign up for an accountability partner and join in the journey together.

Worried about missing parts as you go along?  Note your questions and know you can come back another time.

Daunted by the size of the Bible?  It is only about 3/4 the length of the Harry Potter series and about 10,000 words shorter than Crime & Punishment and War & Peace together.

More of a visual learner?  Check out these awesome videos from The Bible Project which accompany the yearly readings.

Still unsure?  Need questions answered?  Join us on Sunday mornings in our Bible Reading group @10am in the Choir Room.

Anything not addressed or concerns and questions needed to be voiced?  Stop by or set up a time to talk with Pastor Joseph.