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No two people are alike. God has made each of us uniquely in His image. We all have different abilities.  And here at St Andrew we are so blessed to have yours.  

Even though each person is unique, we have a common encouragement in the Bible: to use our talents and abilities in following Jesus to make a difference in the world.  Frederick Buechner once wrote about where to use our God-given abilities. He said to use them “where your deepest joy meets the deep needs of the world.”  As followers of Jesus, we are also given spiritual gifts (Romans 12 ), in addition to our common talents and abilities (if you have no idea what yours are - check out this spiritual gifts test).   We then use these gifts as a body uses each member (1 Corinthians 12) to build up the Church and minister to all. Every part of the body is needed for the health of the whole!

As you look at the St. Andrew web-site you will notice the presence of people putting their hands, skills, and time to use for the building up of God's Kingdom: leading youth, helping build houses for Habitat for Humanity, making meals for others, singing in choir, tutoring, sharing community space...the list goes on.

We believe here at St. Andrew you are essential in our ministry to one another and the community.  We want to come alongside you in support for the building of God's Kingdom and the transformation of the world.  Regardless of whether you are a jack of all trades or have been lied to and told you have nothing to offer - if you have been called here, we want to include you in our work or bring our support to your ministry.

If you are interested in opportunities to share your spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, skills, expertise, and passion for the glory of God, please contact us and we look forward to discerning with you where you can be deployed.  


Together, you and I and he and she and God - we can transform the world.