Midweek Connection

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The seven-week winter session of the Midweek Connection has begun! This intentional time of fellowship and discipleship offers a unique spirit-boosting connection in the middle of the week. Please be in prayer for those gathering.  If you would like to serve in the kitchen or are interested in future groups, please contact Barb Jones.

Dinner served 5:45-6:15 p.m.   Groups 6:30-7:30

Wednesdays January 17 - March 4th


UMCOR - Hurricane Harvey and Irma

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With the devastating effects of Hurricanes across the Caribbean and Gulf, we wanted to draw attention to an existing way we can be the hands and feet of Christ to those displaced.  United Methodists have one of the greatest relief organizations on the planet - one which will be present for a long time to this current situation.  The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) offers a global presence to reduce human suffering.  Often other agencies will funnel their aid through UMCOR as 100% of donations go towards the designated project.  This is possible because the people of the United Methodist Churches foot the bill for all overhead and then some through congregations such as ours.

 If your heart is breaking for someone or some people around the world, please pray and consider how your presence could be offered.  If you are like most of us and can only offer financial assistance from afar, feel free to give through St Andrew or go directly to UMCOR's Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts and bless others there.  If you still wish to do more, please come in and share your passion so we can come alongside and be present however God directs us.

Midweek Connection

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Beginning September 6th, the middle of the week will offer quite a bit more here at Saint Andrew UMC.  Sit down to a meal, laugh over dinner conversation, join a study or engage in discussion  - all while children are formed through the Kid's Path for 7 Wednesdays this Fall.  Fellowship and discipleship has now begun.  Give yourself some intentional time this fall and join us as we connect with God and one another.

Be Encouraged

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We are re-publishing a letter our Bishop sent out to the Indiana Conference on Saturday calling for us to live out Christ's love together.  

Brother and Sisters,

I come to you this evening with a message that I did not intend to send today. In fact, I began this day with another topic on my heart and mind, however as I listened, watched, and learned more about the recent news in Charlottesville, Va., the Holy Spirit changed the words of my brain to expose what weighs heavily on my heart and the hearts of many across our country tonight.

Initially, I hoped to address the wide variety of preaching styles that I was fortunate enough to hear throughout my travels across the state throughout the past year; each richly unique in their ways of delivering God’s word to all of God’s people in our churches and our communities.

God’s call and claim on our life is real and, most importantly, it cannot be ignored, as we would be running from what we are truly created to be.

For those of us called to live the Gospel message, in a time such a this, we must remember that the world needs the Church and we need the world, for neither can survive without the other.

Reading the New Testament Together

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The people who call themselves Christians have always been a people of the Bible.  Yet, for many reasons, many never read the entirety of the Holy Scriptures.  Starting August 24th St Andrew will be taking this challenge head on in offering resources, space, and prayers for any and all who desire to journey through the pages of the New Testament by the end of December.  We may sit individually with the text throughout the week, but the reading of scripture is always a communal affair.  This will be a time for us to receive the full blessings of the Bible and the wisdom and practices which follow. 



Excited for the invitation/challenge?  You can start with prayer for all joining you on the journey.  Begin your habit today by creating chair time - 15 minutes in a specific, relaxing place with just you and the Bible.  Download the Read Scripture App to your phone or device and start the New Testament on August 24th.  This can be accomplished by setting the start date to January 1st.