Reading the New Testament Together

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The people who call themselves Christians have always been a people of the Bible.  Yet, for many reasons, many never read the entirety of the Holy Scriptures.  Starting August 24th St Andrew will be taking this challenge head on in offering resources, space, and prayers for any and all who desire to journey through the pages of the New Testament by the end of December.  We may sit individually with the text throughout the week, but the reading of scripture is always a communal affair.  This will be a time for us to receive the full blessings of the Bible and the wisdom and practices which follow. 



Excited for the invitation/challenge?  You can start with prayer for all joining you on the journey.  Begin your habit today by creating chair time - 15 minutes in a specific, relaxing place with just you and the Bible.  Download the Read Scripture App to your phone or device and start the New Testament on August 24th.  This can be accomplished by setting the start date to January 1st. 

It's Good to See the Fruits

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2 years ago this congregation responded with compassion and extravagant generosity to a felt need in a land on the other side of the planet.  The church received news of one of the ways in which this has been a blessing to many.  Well done good and faithful servants.



St Andrew Blood Drive

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In under 1 hour you can completely change someone’s life!  The scriptures teach us true love bleeds, and the blood mobile is one such way you can live this out.

You can sign up for an appointment below or you can email Courtney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will make your appt for you!



St. Andrew United Methodist Church West Lafayette Blood Drive
Sunday, May 7 2017 
8:30AM - 1:30PM



The donation process takes less than an hour. It is recommended that donors have a light snack before donating. Most people are eligible to donate. There are very few causes for deferral and very few medications that are not acceptable.

Not sure if you are eligible to donate?  More questions?

Feel free to contact: Courtney Adkins (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).