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Tears turned to Joy

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A year ago, I was feeling low.  A sadness permeated my days.  The first half of 2016 had been really difficult.  In April, my husband’s aunt passed away.  We had no way of knowing at the time, but the time we spent in Kansas for Aunt Betty’s funeral was also the last time we would spend with our niece, Alle.  A few weeks later, on Mother’s Day, Alle died by suicide. 

There's a Storm Blowing Through...

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I have heard it said, 'If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait 10 minutes.'  These past few days have been exhibit A.  This state seems to have the jet stream pivot upon it every time I refresh the weather app.  Temperatures are yo-yoing between the 60's and 90's.  Sunny and calm days yield to blowing rain & pelting hail and return back to the original state before we have a chance to get our umbrellas out of the closet (though the wind never really seems to die down here).  The uncertainness of the weather wreaks havoc on events and sports schedules and backyard barbecues.  It can be easy to despair and lament the chaos of it all.

My Precious Savior

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In the Christian tradition, we celebrate the resurrection not just on Easter but also on every Sunday of the year - or as some have said, 51 little Easters.  May this Easter reflection be a blessing to you anew this day.

Last Easter we attended the most inspiring passion play in Jacksonville, FL.  Very early the next morning I woke completely saturated in God's great love.  I felt the need to put my prayer, my thoughts to paper.  This is the result , my offering , my prayer for that day:

Re-Membering Day-By-Day

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This space has its roots in the history of how this congregation came to be - a group of Jesus followers inviting others to come and see Christ and live that faith out together.  Once a month, we will bring forth a devotional from years gone by.  Today we re-member (put together again in our minds) from thirty years ago  in the Lenten Devotional of 1987 - April 10th to be precise:

I used to think that the resurrection, while central to the faith of every Christian, didn't really have very much to do with me, as I lived my day-by-day, ordinary life.

But I had a friend who was going through a devastating divorce after 20 years of marriage.  As she faced feelings of grief, rejection, and rage, she shared with me that her faith in God was the only thing she had left to hold onto.  Gradually, over a period of two years I witnessed her healing.  But what really amazed me were the other "fruits" that began to mark her relationships with other persons -- a deepened compassion, the willingness and ability to forgive, and a return of joy.

I Don't Know

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Do you remember middle school?  That moment when the teacher calls on you the very moment all thoughts and attention decided to run down a rabbit hole?  I am talking about when no recallable answer is in sight and the deep void and rising anxiety and sweaty palms make repeating back words from the question in a different order or just looking at the page and saying whatever your eyes fall upon not possible.  There may have been a fidget or two, but ultimately - and possibly after glancing around at those whose affirmation we so desperately desired - we are forced to let out an, "I don't know," and disappear into the shell of ourselves until the bell mercifully rang.