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Where He Leads Me - Part II

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While I was at peace knowing that I would be following God’s direction in some manner, I was confused about my experience. Why would God call me to the ministry and then lead me in an opposite direction? Obviously He knew ahead of time what decisions I would make, but did I know? Maybe God was showing me that I was willing to give up a budding career to serve Him. This was certainly a reordering of my priorities, and I had to demonstrate to myself that I was willing to give up this job-centered priority for a God-centered priority.

Once I understood that, He set me on a different course that He already had in mind for me. Interestingly enough, I didn’t take the position that was offered – RCA asked me to come back from my layoff into a new, more interesting position. I returned to RCA and my career “took off.” I continued my career for a total of 45 years, retiring about two months ago.


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Have you ever been surprised by something unexpected?  We all have had a moment when we stopped dead in our tracks and wondered at the amazing timing of events?  Most likely you thought of it as good luck or a coincidence.  Life certainly has these moments and they often make us smile or say “wow”.

Every year as we prepared to leave for Florida, I promised myself to spend my free time writing.  I could spend many hours writing, but in the past, often stymied as to what I should write.  I would wait for God to give me a nudge, wanting to please Him.  Probably 10 years ago, after several weeks of not writing anything, I was in my same old rut; willing, yet uninspired.

Where He Leads Me - Part I

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After receiving my degree from Adrian College – a United Methodist school in Southeastern Michigan – I accepted a position in the up-and-coming semiconductor industry as a second-shift manufacturing engineer. Findlay, Ohio, had a multi-denominational seminary run by the Church of God with faculty from various churches in town, and since I had my days free I enrolled as a student. I had no aspirations of going into the ministry; I just wanted to increase my theological knowledge as a means to deepen my faith. I had been very active in Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship in college, including participation in a month-long resident leadership course my senior year, and this seemed to be a good continuation of those studies. John Charles Cooper, a former student of Paul Tillich and a well-known author (Religion After 40, etc.) took me on as a graduate student.

Two years into my studies – about half way to my Masters of Divinity – I was called into the Plant Manager’s office and assigned as Resident Engineer to a facility that we were contracting with in California’s Silicon Valley. This was a huge career opportunity, especially for an engineer as young as I was. I jumped at the chance, dropped out of seminary, and went off to California without looking back. Things continued to go very well and I was given gradually increasing responsibility. I was on the fast track.

Chasing God

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