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Hard Things?

Written by St Andrew on . Updated

About Those Hard Things…

So, four weeks ago I wrote about how I just love this whole “do hard things” thing and how I was just swooning with how great it is to challenge myself to do bigger and harder things all the time. Much like any type of sugar high…that faded as time went on and when I hit some really hard days last week, I could have used that girl who was all hyped up on how great it is to do hard things.

A more naïve me would say that this is the greatest form of irony – Hey Ray, you say you love hard things, ha! here’s an all new hard thing for you to handle! But, the more I think it over, the more I can see God’s hand in all of it: “Hey Ray, you know how you were just championing that book? Remember what you learned because it’s coming. Hold on, we’ll get through this.”

Blerg. Ugh. Gross. No thank you. I’d like to take back what I said about hard things now, please. I’d like the easy route now, please. Let’s make this less painful now…please. This is an example of a situation where being polite won’t fix it. It doesn’t matter how much I say please, God’s not going to just lift away the hard things I’m carrying and walking through right now because then I wouldn’t be learning about how to do hard things.

We’re not supposed to get what we want. Ouch. We’re supposed to accept what we’re given and trust God. Priscilla Shirer said it perfectly in her simulcast this past weekend, “You’re not cheated, you’re chosen.” Just because we don’t get exactly what we want when we want it doesn’t mean God’s punishing us, He’s at work behind-the-scenes doing something bigger and mightier than we can imagine. I can’t think as big as God. He can see everything that’s ahead of me and many generations to come after me, so I should really trust Him even when he says no to my please.

So, what do I do with that knowledge? I really have two options: 1) I can keep my butt planted in my time-out chair and chant please until I’m  blue in the face - missing out on all the amazing opportunities God has in store for me or 2) I can get over myself and trust that God probably knows what He’s doing.

Getting over myself and trusting isn’t easy. I don’t want to do it, but I know I need to. I proclaim to have put my trust in Him, so I better act on it.

~Raysha Honsowetz