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God Is in The Garden

Written by St Andrew on . Updated

God invites us to participate in His plan for our earth.  We have a choice.  Sometimes I am too busy to notice the options I have.  Occasionally, I am so full of myself that I forget God’s involvement in  my achievements.  Now and then, I just plain ignore what is going on in my spiritual life.  When this happens I need to go to my garden.

In the garden, I can see I am needed. God uses me.  I plant, dig, water, and weed.  I choose what to plant and where to cultivate.  If I put a seedling in a place that isn’t right, it will not flourish.  It will struggle and die.

When I am gardening,  I need God’s help.  I study to understand the needs of different plants and then I do all I can to provide the essentials.  I can’t create these plants.  I wouldn’t know where to begin to create a new kind of plant.   I’m sure geneticists know but they too, work with God.  Their knowledge of plants helps them work with the Creator.  I depend  on fertile soil, adequate moisture, the stimulation of the sun, and information from others.  That is all provided by our Maker.

I can’t garden without God, but on the other hand God needs me too.  I believe that  is the way our Heavenly Father set up this world.  The garden would  soon be overrun by weeds if I didn’t work to keep them out.  When I deadhead (pick off dead blossoms) the flowers keep blooming.  In this world God needs me and you.  The Lord works and teaches through us.  God loves through us.  The Almighty uses us to make this world a better place but we are given the choice to participate or not.  When we choose to do His work and listen to His guidance we assist in God’s creation and “It is good.”

Dear God, Thank you for helping us see, in the garden, how much we need you and how you can use us.  Keep us always aware of your creation and our place in it.  Use us always.  Amen.

from “Listen to the Lilies” 

~ Marjorie Sharples