Come & See

Trusting God

Written by St Andrew on . Updated

The other day as I sat at my window watching the birds I saw a little House Finch at the birdbath.  He seemed so nervous as he hopped back and forth around the rim.  It appeared that he was longing for a long cool drink of water.  Round and round the rim with his head turning in constant movement he danced.  I felt sorry for the little guy.  Fear clearly was keeping him from just dipping down to the refreshment.  As I watched I said out loud, “ go ahead, it’s ok, you are safe.”

No sooner had the words crossed my lips, than I thought of how God assures us over and over.  He leads us to the still waters and he watches over us, keeping us safe. How like the little bird we are teetering on the edge huddled in fear over life’s situations never trusting God completely, He says, “Go ahead my child it is safe” and we stand paralyzed.

Finally the Finch jumped into the water with both feet and I applauded his courage, and I sighed as he literally jumped immediately back to continue his incessant pacing on the edge.  Again I mused how like we humans he was.  We work up our courage and give our fears over to God only to take them back again, wringing our hands in fear and frustration.

This scenario outside my window served me well, for I was sitting there troubled over my lack of faith and conviction and my ability to just let go and trust God.  I give it over to Him and He baths me in peace, then I jump out of His mercy and grace and start my pacing once again.  I forget how clearly God sees that there is no danger.  He has proved Himself endlessly.  He showed Himself to me once again on this day, for I saw how helpless I am without Him.  I think of how He cares for the birds and I know I am safe in His arms.

Thank you for your everlasting love, dear Father. Hold me close in your arms and keep me trusting you.  Forgive me for my lack of faith and thank you for sending the little bird to remind me of your amazing love.  As I encouraged him may I be encouraged to know and trust you more deeply.  Amen

Psalm 9:10

   Those who know your name will trust in you,  for you LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

~Bonnie Wagner