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Sharing Excitement

Written by St Andrew on . Updated

I enjoy cleaning my house.  I really do.  Both the process and the outcome.  Which is not to say my house is consistently immaculate.  It’s not.  I wouldn’t even say it’s occasionally immaculate.  But I do savor the days when I have a couple of uninterrupted hours to tidy the kitchen, mop the floors, put away the laundry, vacuum, dust, and maybe even organize a closet or two. 

But cleaning bathrooms?  That’s a task that still feels like a chore.  Especially when it comes to scrubbing toilets.  Yech.  At least that was my attitude until recently… 

Why the change of heart?  A new tool added to my cleaning repertoire.  The disposable toilet cleaning system.  Oh my word, it’s phenomenal.  A reusable wand with little disposable cleaning heads.  My toilets are not just clean.  They’re sparkling.  And, even better, I no longer have to contend with a drippy, gross, dirty toilet brush. 

After just one use, I had to spread the word.  Text messages to my close friends and fellow cleaning aficionados.  “Have you seen this disposable toilet cleaning system?  You should pick one up.  I tried it and it’s awesome.”  I considered a social media post, writing a thank you note to the manufacturer, giving a 5-star review on Amazon.

Then it struck me.  Convicted me.  Why am I so much more eager and willing to share my excitement over, of all things, a toilet brush than I am about sharing my faith?  Is the promise of eternal life not more awe-inspiring than a sparkling toilet?  Is the prospect of having, and knowing, a heavenly Father who gives you the strength to live your life not a greater opportunity than being able to discard a used, disgusting toilet brush?

So I’m going to try.  Try to spread the God virus, through my words and through my actions.  “Have you seen this Jesus?  Have you considered attending church at St. Andrew?  You should.  I tried it and it’s awesome.”

~Beth Hess