Not so Bad

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I know we are one month into the new year and everyone, pretty much everyone has washed their hands of 2016.  There were so many negative comments spoken and I include myself in this, about how awful 2016 was and how they were so happy it was on its way out.

Then one bright day, I read a commentary from a young man on Facebook, who saw it differently.  He took the time to state how wonderful 2016 had been for him.  I loved his words and I loved his attitude!  It made me think and then rethink my negative thoughts.

I can literally think back to most of my personal experiences of 2016 and find the good in them.  Not only the good, but God for He is always present in every minute of my days.  All I need is to stop and consider Him!

A long and hard trip home from Florida is now determined to be the cause of blood clots in my lung.  This is not good and in fact very dangerous.  It took many weeks to recover.  Instead of saying, “really, why now, why me?” I am now saying “I could have died, I made the poor choices! “Thank you God for sparing my life!”

Not only that, but because of the blood clots, they found an underlying condition we were completely unaware of; a condition that was affecting my life in a serious way - one that entertained the possibility of cancer in my future.  To say that I am thrilled it was discovered is an understatement!  So even though this continues to be a “thorn in my side” I praise my Father in heaven for His amazing goodness!  Only He could orchestrate this outcome and use what seemed a bad thing for good!

June 23rd is a date I will remember for quite a while!  A very large and dangerous storm invaded our little town in the middle of the night.  It brought major destruction in its wake and brought Brookston to its knees.  All bad, right?  Trees were uprooted, roofs were tore open, gas mains leaking, no electric and personal items strung across the country side.

When I think back to that storm I realize how blessed everyone was.  Not one single person was injured, not even in the massive clean-up!  People from everywhere started arriving with their hands open ready to serve.  Meals were provided, prayers were said, trucks and chain saws roared and cleanup crews developed out of the woodwork.  The phone rang continually as dear ones from far and near checked to see if we were alright.  Neighbors came out of their little worlds to offer help to each other.  I cannot think of that storm without seeing the hands and feet of God in everyone I encountered

A bad storm that did much damage for sure!  But my heart is full of praise for the good definitely outweighed the bad.  People who were in need of a new roof were now provided the means to accomplish that goal.  Yards in disarray are perfectly groomed.  There is little evidence of the damage now but this one thing remains.   God is good!  All the time God is good!  I am blessed, I am thankful!

Tragedy struck our lives in November, serious tragedy with the senseless death of our 23 year old, great nephew.  We were crushed, we were broken.  How does this happen?  How do we recover?  It will take time, much time for our niece and her family to deal with such a loss.  Where is the good in this you ask?  This alone should make 2016 a disaster.  I would agree but for the good news.  Our nephew knew the Lord and he is now in paradise!  No more doubts, no more fears and no more addiction!  We came together as a family, drawing the binds closer.  Hundreds, thousands of prayers were sent heavenward!  How glorious!

Looking at this past year with new eyes I see endless blessings and I believe even more blessings than we ever stop to consider.  Our wonderful amazing Father in heaven is with us in sorrow, in joy, in love, in the good times and in the bad for now and forever! He gave us 2016.  It was ours to embrace or throw out with the garbage.  I now see it as the glorious gift it was.  2016 was an amazing year!  Thank you God!

~ Bonnie Wagner