The 23rd Paraphrase

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I have found a helpful devotional practice for me is to paraphrase a Biblical passage.  Here is one I wrote in 2006:

God, You are my guide

You show me the way
        You invite me to live in your sacred surroundings
        Filled with lush nature and loving souls.
You lead me to quiet places like silent retreats, Taize services,  daily meditation,
And you say, “Be still and know I am God.”

        When I listen I catch your gentle whispers.
        When I am still I feel your nudges.

Even though I walk through a stage in my life when I am alone,
        I know you are near.
                I hear bird calls and feel the warmth of the sun.
                I see the beauty  of clean snow and
                I know the love shared in the hug of a friend.

You offer me all kinds of opportunities.
        You keep me safe from my enemies of self doubt, gluttony,over
        indulgence and impulsiveness.
                You bless me with security, possibilities, challenges,
                and the love and affection of family and friends.

My life is full and spilling over.

I want to be led by you for all of my life.
I rest in your presence.

I will depend on you forever.


The Twenty Third Psalm - A paraphrase by Margie Sharples