Tithing Garden

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      St. Andrew is blessed to be located on a property with plenty of acreage, and this ministry puts some of it to very good use. We know that Jesus fed both the souls and stomachs of those he encountered, and our Tithing Garden endeavors to do the same. Our gardeners raise fresh produce without the use of chemical pesticides and donate a portion of their yield to Food Finders Food Bank, which distributes it to those who are hungry in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties.

      We believe that our own deepest needs are met when we serve others, and this example of compassionate outreach comes from our own experience of God's grace. Because we have been well fed spiritually and literally, we built this garden to share with others. The Tithing Garden began its first season during 2014, and over the course of the summer, we donated over 1500 pounds of tasty and nutritious produce!

      How It Works

      Our garden is located near the northeast corner of our property by the garage outbuilding. It is tilled in the spring and fall, and soil is added in the spring before planting. Plots are free and available to anyone who has signed up. Water is located near the garage, and a hose is available. Each gardener tends their own plot through weeding, fertilizing, and watering.

      Produce is collected every Monday afternoon during the growing season and transported to Food Finders. We ask that every gardener donate at least 10% of their yield to feed the hungry. Gardeners put their veggies in a designated box in the St. Andrew kitchen each week before Monday at noon. Folks who have gardens at home are also welcome to bring in their own surplus and add to our donation.


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