Touchstones Grief Group

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      A Shared Journey Through Grief

      The grief that comes when we lose someone dear to us can be overwhelming. It can sometimes feel like a barren wilderness that we must struggle through alone with little hope of finding our way out. Touchstones is a support group experience for those who would like help in making this journey toward healing and wholeness.

      St. Andrew highly values committed community, and Touchstones is an opportunity to do the hard work of mourning in the context of a caring group. We draw heavily on grief counselor Alan Wolfelt's philosophy of "companioning" and offer a safe, nurturing environment where group members can share what's on their hearts. We honor each person's experience and ask God's help to explore the spiritual, social, and emotional touchstones that benchmark our healing.


      How It Works

      Touchstones is a six-week group that generally meets on Sunday afternoons and occurs twice a year. It is a chance for people who have experienced a loss through death to connect with others in similar circumstances. The loss does not need to have been recent. All that is required is that you are at a place where you want to explore and share with others, at your own pace, how you think and feel about your grief.

      The weekly sessions last about an hour and a half and make use of short video segments that introduce a range of topics associated with grief. There is always informal discussion, sharing, and prayer. The facilitator believes that role is not to lead, teach, direct, prescribe, or take away pain. Instead, they guide discussion and offer reflection on the journey.

      Pre-registration is required and can be done through the church office. 

      The next session of Touchstones will begin September 10, 2017.


      Who To Contact

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