As we prepare to plant a St. Andrew church online, I ask that you be in prayer for it. Please pray for the work being done now to get ready to launch in the first quarter of 2022. Please pray for those who will be reached through this group on Facebook - especially those who do not attend church anywhere. Please pray for me as I am creating content for messages and Bible studies and other ways to reach out through this ministry.

You can support St. Andrew UMC Online by your prayers, and also by volunteering to work with us as part of the Online Campus Team. Details about the volunteer positions are listed at the bottom of this page so you can see what each one requires and if that is something God is calling you to. Click on the button below to volunteer.

Pastor Kelly

As part of the Prayer Team, you would covenant to pray for the St. Andrew UMC Online Campus as a whole, and pray for those individuals who leave prayer requests in the group. (Bonus points if you enjoy Excel and can put requests into a report for me each week!)

Oh, and the Prayer Team already has one member: Bishop Trimble, Bishop of the Indiana Conference, who has asked to be a part of the Prayer Team. If you would like to be on the Prayer Team too, let me know!

Online Campus Hosts welcome each new guest into the chat area during the worship service. Much like being a greeter at church or a host in your home, we want to make people feel welcomed, noticed, and comfortable.
The goal is to greet each person by name as they show up on the chat - especially anyone new. Here’s an example: Hi Kelly, welcome to our church!  We’re so happy you’re here today. How’s your day going so far?  
Hosts also spark discussion in the chat area. Asking icebreaker questions, recapping key points from the message, and asking open-ended questions that can’t be answered with a yes or no. Example: I love that Pastor Kelly just mentioned __________. That’s so powerful!  How do you think we can apply this into our everyday lives?
There’s also the opportunity to pray for guests in the chat area simply by replying to a comment someone makes: I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your grandfather this week. God, we lift up Kelly in her grief and pray that you would give her strength and comfort and surround her with people who will encourage her in this season. Thank you for your presence with us always. Amen.
If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, you would be a blessing to those who attend the Online Campus worship services. Training will be provided so that you will be prepared to respond to a variety of chat discussions. Hosting takes about an hour a week. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about this or any other serving opportunity in the Online Campus. 

Pastor Kelly

Do you enjoy tinkering with technology, recording video, editing video, or all of the above in your spare time? If so, the Online Production Team is for you!

During the beginning stages of our Online Campus, we will pre-record the various portions of the worship service (i.e., welcome, music, message, prayer, and closing) and use video editing software to compile the final video to post to our Facebook group. Once we get comfortable with the equipment setup, worship service organization, and Facebook tools, we plan to live stream the service each week. We will use the Intersection room at church as our “studio.”

 The Online Production Team will help maintain, setup, and operate the AV equipment for the online worship services. This equipment includes wireless mics, video cameras, and lights as well as an audio mixer during the music recordings. The Online Production Team will also help compile the pre-recorded videos using video editing software and support the live streaming on Facebook once we get to that point.
Training will be provided so that you feel comfortable operating the various AV equipment and video editing software. I am looking for two volunteers to help me with the Online Production Team for the online campus. This role would take about 1-2 hours throughout the week to record and edit video at church. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing or if you would like more information, feel free to contact me.

 Josh Annin - Online Campus Director

Are you on Facebook everyday checking your feed and commenting on posts? If so, you would make a great Online Campus Moderator! Moderators monitor the Online Campus feed, accepting requests to join the group, replying to posts and comments on posts to encourage ongoing discussion and acknowledge prayer requests. Moderators also approve member posts and remove any that cross the boundaries of the group (such as someone being mean or derogatory, etc.) Moderators inform me, as the Campus Pastor, of any issues with group members or anything that they feel needs to be addressed. We work closely together to make sure that the Online Campus is a safe place. Moderators are encouraged to make posts such as an invitation to leave prayer requests or simply asking a fun or thought-provoking question.  
There will be training for Moderators so that you feel comfortable with what to do and what you do not need to handle but pass on to me. It is a fun position of simply interacting on most days with the group at least once when you are on Facebook!  We are looking for five Moderators in order to launch the Campus early next year. This role does not take a lot of time during the week, but it is assumed that you will be active in the Online Campus group. If this sounds like something you would be interested in or if you want more information, just contact me.

Pastor Kelly

Once we launch the Online Campus, we need people to be engaged in the group. The only way this campus will take off is for people to join, post, comment, and engage with people in the group. When new people come across St. Andrew UMC online or are invited to join, they look for the number of members in the group before they decide to join. If there aren't many members, they assume it must not be a very good group if there are so few people in it. If they do join anyway and there's nothing much happening except posts from the admins and moderators, they will leave the group. Having a lot of people engaging in the group is so important. Think of it like being a missionary without having to travel!

Volunteer for Online Campus


Traditional Worship - Sundays at 9:00 a.m.
Contemporary Worship - Sundays at 10:30 a.m. 


St. Andrew United Methodist Church
4703 N 50 W | West Lafayette, Indiana 47906