Summer 2017 Intergenerational Mission Trip to Red Bird Mission

We are excited to announce that St. Andrew will be taking an intergenerational mission trip to Red Bird Mission in Kentucky this year! Inspired by the church-wide study and the Kingdom Builders trip, as well as the focus of going out into the mission field for 2017, CrossRoads has decided to lead the charge in getting a church-wide mission experience started! We hope that you are excited and interested! We need people not only to go out into the mission field for this experience, but to be praying for us on the homefront - it really is going to be another church-wide event!

Trip Overview

This trip is open to anyone who has completed the 6th grade through age 99! Those who have just completed 6th and 7th grades will be required to have a parent or legal guardian with them on the trip. We highly encourage families to come together! This is a great opportunity for the many generations we have in our church to work alongside one another!

The mission experience covers five days and six nights, commencing Sunday July 23, 2017and ending Saturday July 29, 2017. Daily work hours are from approximately 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, breaking for lunch at your work sites at 12:00 noon.

There is a free day on Wednesday for small groups to go sightseeing. Red Bird offers a tour of their school and there are a few on-site trails. Within a 2-hour driving radius there are many museums, parks, water parks, and historical attractions.

Each morning we will lead each other in devotions. Various evening activities include watching a presentation on Red Bird Mission, visiting the Red Bird craft store, participating in a talent/fun night, and a Friday communion service.

Red Bird provides three homestyle meals per day (excluding Wednesday) served buffet style. Cabins are divided by gender and have air-conditioning and private shower stalls. Coin operated laundry facilities are also available.

Schedule for the Week

Red Bird Provided 2017 Information Packet *

* This is the Leaders Packet provided by Red Bird to trip facilitators. Please disregard their information regarding Payments, Cancellations, Trip Time Line, and Medical Release. We have our own medical release form, and all of your billing will go through St. Andrew.