Summer 2017 Intergenerational Mission Trip to Red Bird Mission

Driving Directions


In total, the drive will take 6 to 7 hours.

Start out by taking I-65 S and/or I-75 S to Lexington, KY.

From Lexington, Red Bird strongly advises following the directions below. There is no GPS reception in the final leg of the trip!

From Lexington (2.5 - 3 Hours):
Take I-75 south to London, KY (exit 41) turn left (east) on Hwy 80 and follow the signs to Hal Rogers Parkway (former Daniel Boone Parkway).

Stay on parkway approximately 32 mile to Hwy 66 exit. You will see a sign for Red Bird Mission. Turn left off Parkway at exit 34.

Go to the end of the exit ramp, then turn right onto 66 south you will see a sign for Red Bird Mission.

Go about 0.6 miles to another stop sign and turn right onto 421/80/66 for about 0.8 miles

Turn onto Hwy 66, you will see a sign for Red Bird Mission.

Travel approximately 16 miles on Hwy 66.

You will pass the Red Bird Mission School. Continue for 0.4 miles to the Queendale Campus.

When you drive over the bridge take an immediate right and you will be on the road that leads to work camp, follow it until you get to the Cardinal House.