Welcome from Pastor Chris

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Thank you for stopping by today. 
This is a little awkward, because I’m pretty sure that this page is supposed to jump in and declare things like: 
  1. "St. Andrew is an awesome church and the church for you!"
  2. "St. Andrew has dynamic worship, amazingly compassionate people, and programs that will meet your every spiritual need!" 
  3. "Come just as you are, but don’t expect to leave the same!"
  4. "If you are looking for Jesus in the Greater Lafayette area, you will find Him at St. Andrew!" 
But I imagine you are as tired as I am of churches and pastors carried upon the winds of their own hype and energized by their un-confessed addiction to exclamation points!!!!!!
Whatever brought you to this page, let me share what I think is real: 
  1. the joy and wonder that washes over a mother as she gazes upon her newborn child never fades from God’s gaze as He looks upon each one of us
  2. while we may be seeking "something" in life, "someone" wounded for love’s sake is urgently seeking us more, hoping we will let Him embrace us in His mercy and love 
  3. no one should face life alone, without the graceful support of a community who knows our name and loves us just as we are
So, fellow sojourner in life, wander around the web-site, listen to a worship service or two, and let us know how we could serve you. (I check my e-mail regularly if you have something you’d like to share: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Peace and grace,