Welcome to St. Andrew United Methodist Church

Welcome! We are glad that God led you to our site. Please come and worship with us on County Farm Road, just north of West Lafayette, Indiana. If you'd like to see how we worship, you're welcome to check out our traditional and contemporary worship services on video.

Holy Halloween

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Hunger Hike 2016

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Lafayette Urban Ministry's annual Hunger Hike is Sunday, September 18th - proceeds raised from the Hunger Hike go to support food ministries through LUM, Food Finders Food Bank, and the St. Thomas Aquinas Haiti Ministry. St. Andrew has a team in place to walk and we would love for you to support us by signing up to walk with us! Both registration and donations can be done online here



A New Project Under Construction

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We are currently constructing a blog for a weekly invitation into the life of St Andrew.

Please come back in a few weeks for a bi-weekly installment.

Thank You!



What does it mean to witness?

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Our Come and See blog is currently under construction

Our church is firmly rooted as an invitational group of people.  In discussing the new church plantin 1957, our founding members offered the name of Saint Andrew.  Our documents show, "St. Andrew seemed an appropriate name since we were a mission church desiring to follow the example of Andrew who brought his brother Peter to Jesus."  

This is in reference to John 1:35-51.  The path to Jesus is always an invitational one.  We hope this space is just such an invitation to Come and See Christ through the ministry here at St. Andrew.



Church-Wide Study of "A Disciple's Path"

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Join our all-church study, A Disciple’s Path.

Jesus called his first disciples by saying, “Follow me!”

His invitation appears twenty-one times in all four Gospels. Every time Jesus says it, he calls for decisive action. His invitation always calls for active response.

 And now, the invitation comes to you! It’s the invitation to join with other followers in developing the patterns of spiritual discipline by which our hearts and lives are transformed by the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. It is the path that leads to life.”–A Disciple’s Path

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