Advent Banner Artist Statement

November 30, 2022


As we gather together this Advent, we think back over the centuries. From generation to generation, we pass on this Christmas story. In this year’s banner design, the From Generation to Generation… theme logo is centered like a family around the table sharing stories from the day, the year, or from our collective history. Within the stained-glass window panes surrounding the logo, the stories of Christmas are depicted with simple symbols. In one pane, Mary’s arms create a semicircle representing her cradling the newborn baby Jesus. Joseph’s eyes are closed as he dreams about God’s calling. The full bellies of Mary and Elizabeth create a curvy pattern—facing one another, turning away, and back again. The star of Bethlehem represents the host of angels, while sheep graze in the field to depict the story of the shepherds. King Herod’s crown lurks repeatedly in the top right corner as a reminder of the dangers of unilateral authority. These stories, each one so familiar, make up the structure of our faith. —Hannah Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |



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