Announcing Laurie Klenosky's Retirement

July 26, 2023 | Brian Cook


Dear Friends of St. Andrew Church,

I am writing to share with you the announcement that Laurie Klenosky has declared her intentions to retire from the position of Church Administrator effective December 31, 2023.

It is with mixed emotions that I share this news with the faith community of St. Andrew Church. One of my greatest joys serving at St. Andrew Church is the opportunity to share in ministry with this team of staff. Laurie Klenosky is a major part of this ministry team excelling at keeping our departments connected to each other and the church. I will be forever grateful to Laurie for postponing her retirement plans from last year while staying on staff during our pastoral transition this past year. Laurie is an integral part of our ministry team providing a wealth of knowledge and service for our staff and church. I am excited for this next season of life for Laurie and David! However, I speak for all our ministry staff when I say, “We will miss working with Laurie on a daily basis.”

Staff Parish Relations Team is planning a celebration of Laurie’s ministry. At Laurie’s suggestion, this ministry celebration will take place during the Connection time on Sunday, January 21, 2024. This will be a time to celebrate, support, and encourage Laurie as she moves into this new season. Laurie and David will remain at St. Andrew Church as they continue to worship with this faith community. Laurie has also stated she is willing to help with the transition for the Church Administrator position.

As we move forward, Staff Parish Relations Team will be working to find the next person to fill the Church Administrator position. The Staff Parish Relations Team will be working with the Finance Team and Operational Management Team developing a plan to secure the next person as Church Administrator. Our hope is for this person to come on staff on a part-time basis to work with Laurie for the remainder of this year. If you have an interest in this position, I invite you to submit your resume to me as soon as possible.

Please join me in celebrating Laurie’s ministry at St. Andrew Church while praying for Laurie and David as they transition into this next season of life. Also, join us in prayer as we discern the next season of ministry and staff life at St. Andrew.

In God’s grace,

Pastor Brian
Lead Pastor




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