Exploring the Possibility of Online Congregation

February 4, 2021


Did you see Thoughtful Thursday this week? In case you missed it, check it out HERE

During the Facebook Live, Pastor Chris talks about creating an online congregation. It's something a lot of churches are doing because something is missing -- the ability to connect with new people who are not part of a church culture with the Good News of Jesus.  

A group of about ten people is participating in training to see if this is an option for St. Andrew to move forward as a church. 

Please pray for: 

  • the team exploring the possibility of starting this online community; 
  • the folks outside the church culture;
  • our church and other churches as we all try to connect people with the Good News; and 
  • the person who will assume the role as online campus “pastor” with the heart, passion and skills to connect and shepherd people who “attend” the online church. Note: This person need not have UMC credentials but must support vision and leadership of St Andrew.

Please contact Pastor Chris for further details.



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