Lose, Love, Live Series Artists' Statements

September 30, 2022


While we hope viewers will develop their own interpretations of the art we create, we offer these artist statements as reflections on our process creating these works.

Gathering Tears
by Janet Chaille Dietz
Inspired by the sermon series Lose, Love, Live and We are Gathered Here
Cut Paper and Post-It Notes

       When I was lettering “I am grieving...,” on the black background where we would attach Post-It notes with what we are grieving, it was as if my hands were remembering the art I have created in the past. It was a simple task, really, and shouldn’t have been profound, but something inside of me awoke. As I watched the Post-Its get added each week, the idea of creating something from them began to take shape. By the time Pastor Brian asked in worship planning what we were going to do with the Post-Its when the series concluded, Janee and I had an idea ready to propose of creating something beautiful from the grief. As I read about the next series, We Are Gathered Here, I thought about how the colors might come together in a mandala-like way where the image builds from the center.
       In this piece, you will see repeating organic shapes that resemble the tears of our grief, seeds of potential and new life, and the beauty of flower petals. The shapes are intentionally hand drawn. It was such a privilege to hold these griefs, read them, notice the threads that ran through them, and cry tears over the many things we are all grieving. I cut windows in the black paper then attached the Post-Its to the back so that parts of what was shared by the congregation is visible. Rather than being able to read what was written by an individual, you now only see hints of it. What dominates is the beauty created as these griefs come together. May we find beauty in our grief as we gather.

Broken Flight
By Janee LaFuze
Inspired by the Sermon Series Lose, Love, Live | Paper Mosaic

      After being in worship for five weeks discussing the subject of grief, I was asked to use some aspects of that series (namely the sticky notes used to name our grief) to then create a new piece of artwork. In pondering how to create new from old, I remembered the verse from Isaiah 40:31 where it reads, “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and now grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
     With this scripture on my heart I started to think of an image which portrays the thought - God supports us through all of life’s journey. We never travel alone, and each step of our life is full of hope and love provided by our Savior. In the theme of grief, this can be translated to how God can renew our hope in even the darkest days.
     Thus the idea of a dove came to mind. The dove is typically a symbol of hope and seemed fitting for such a topic. The mosaic style represents our brokenness being pieced back together to fly with hope forward. Even in our brokenness, our pain and our struggle we have hope. May you remember the hope given to you as you look at this dove pieced together from the broken statements of grief.



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