LTHC There's No U in Bingo

September 17, 2021



LTHC is happy to be offering the second There's No U in BINGO virtual fundraising event on Facebook on October 14. We will be sharing updates and successes on our mission as well as giving the community an opportunity to support us as we prepare for a significant increase in the number of persons experiencing homelessness as a result of COVID-19. We think this is an exciting opportunity to invite the Greater Lafayette community to be a part of our mission of ending homelessness for our most vulnerable neighbors. 
What is even more awesome about this year's event?  LTHC is excited to offer a stream-lined and straight-forward event for our community to support the critical services that we provide. Nothing fancy. No zooms. Just an opportunity to hear about who we are, what we do -- especially during the months of COVID -- and why housing for all people is a critical need. 
Why should you consider supporting LTHC through this event? We know as well as anyone that times are difficult right now and there are a lot of good agencies doing good work. LTHC is inviting you to learn about homelessness in our community and how it effects everyone. We are hoping you will also learn about how our staff is using best-practice techniques to do a difficult job -- and that we're doing it in a facility like no other in the country. And we are asking you to consider a financial gift to support this work. 

For more information about LTHC's There's No U in BINGO, go to their website.



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