Red Bird Kitchen Project

September 17, 2021


Red Bird is a United Methodist mission that helps the financially disadvantaged residents in this area of Appalachia in a variety of ways. For many years, St. Andrew has supported Red Bird Mission (located in SE Kentucky) and its ministries. Recently, our church sent work teams to repair homes and volunteers to serve in Community Outreach and the Red Bird Christian School, as well as monetary gifts to support the various Red Bird ministries. Pictured above is the Volunteer Quarters where St. Andrew people have stayed while serving.  It was originally a nurses’ dormitory built in 1953. It is now used to house mid and short-term volunteers and visitors.  Inside are 12 bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a small kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Understandably, it has been heavily used for decades with minimal maintenance and upgrades being done, and is badly in need of improvements. Red Bird has no budget for these improvements. 

While at Red Bird this past July, the St. Andrew team met a volunteer from Dayton, OH, who has taken it upon herself to make as many improvements as she can with the financial support of friends and churches. Thus far, she has been able to paint all the bedrooms and purchase new mattresses for every bedroom. The vision now is to make improvements in the kitchen.  The kitchen project will include new countertops, vinyl plank flooring, a double sink, new paint on the cabinets and walls, and electrical and plumbing repairs. The mission’s Director of Maintenance estimates the cost to do this will be $2,351.50. This is for materials only. All labor will be done by visiting work campers and mission staff, at no cost.

The work will commence as soon as the funds are raised (hopefully by November 1).  We are asking the people of St. Andrew to pray about this need, and consider making a donation.  If you would like to donate, you may do so on Sunday mornings, sent to the church office, or made through Vanco. Please put “Red Bird Kitchen Project” on the memo line of checks. Thank you for your prayers and considering making a donation. 

Craig & Sue Anderson and the St. Andrew Missions Committee

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