We are the Church!

The Church has never really been about the building; it's always been about the people. In living out our mission, we want to show our community the love of Jesus. Below are a few ways you can help!

If you are someone looking for assistance, please reach out to us. Our Prayer Chain would love to come alongside you in prayer. You can also let us know about specific needs for you or your family using the form below.
St. Andrew wants to come alongside the residents of the Tippecanoe County community. Please fill out the information about yourself and what your assistance needs are during this time. Requests that are submitted will be handled on Tuesday mornings.

Tippecanoe County Community - Financial Assistance Request

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Must be a Tippecanoe county resident.

We handle assistance requests on Tuesday mornings. We REQUIRE all clients to go to Lafayette Urban Ministry (LUM) before requesting assistance from us. We will verify that you have requested assistance from LUM. If they have helped you, please indicate the amount they helped you with. Our limit for assistance per family is $200 per service year (for example, if we helped you in April, we can't help again until the following April). Please submit your current original lease for rental assistance (no subleases) or utility invoice. This will make the process much faster.

Please list any assistance you have already received and the amount. If you have reached your limit at LUM, please indicate that here and the date you reached that limit.

Please be as specific as possible with your need(s).

Upload a copy of your utility bill (photo) or PDF. Upload a copy of your lease (PDF). An alternative to upload is to send a copy to tammy@andrew-umc.org




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