Stewardship 2021

Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time

Dear Friends, 

In Ecclesiastes we read that to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. 

At Saint Andrew United Methodist Church, after more than a year of disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we’re looking to get back to normal and to resume our many vibrant ministries in person, as public health recommendations and safety measures permit. 

But we realize that “back to normal” isn’t the extent of our purpose. It’s also time to look ahead. We are discerning a call to take on new challenges, and we are discerning that now is the time to act on that call. After all, Saint Andrew is a group of believers who put their faith into action! 

How we worship, how we share the gospel of Jesus Christ, how we engage in fellowship—these things aren’t fixed and prescribed, and we have creative opportunities to explore new initiatives that we believe will extend God’s love and grace to our brothers and sisters both within and outside our current congregation. 

Two specific initiatives include (1) a new ministry focused on Student Ministries—the future of the church—to be led by Janée LaFuze, who will be joining us on November 1, and (2) the launch of an online church campus, to be led by Pastor Kelly Sellers, for people who might never set foot in a church building but who may join in highly interactive worship and study through, say, Facebook. You’ll be hearing more about these initiatives in the months ahead! 

In addition, as part of our commitment to providing a fair and equitable wage to all employees, this year we are including an adjustment to $15 an hour for regular hourly office staff, starting in 2022. 

As we move forward in faith, may we count on you to support Saint Andrew and our growing ministries through your financial commitment, your prayers, and your presence? You can fill out the form below to confidentially share your commitment with Larry Biehl, Church Financial Secretary.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.


Chris Danielson, Senior Pastor

2022 Estimate of Giving Card



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I/We commit my/our faith to God’s plan for me/us and the mission of St. Andrew. I/We will pray daily, attend worship regularly, and use my/our talents to bring glory to God. 

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Your support will enable St. Andrew to continue to fulfill our mission to be “an open community growing in the ways of Jesus, sent out daily to share God’s healing love.”



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Contemporary Worship - Sundays at 10:30 a.m. 


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